Cool Reflective Glitter Nail Polish

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For a different nail look, apply this glitter nail polish coat.

We have Reflective Gel Polishes that flash and do not flash depending on the light. The light reflects and shows like a billion tiny stars! Delicately balanced with a delicate touch of holographic for some extra personality in the sun and light!

There are two beautiful effects: the natural light effect and the flashing disco effect. The volume is approximately 7 ml. Under proper application, the reflective gel nail polish set is long-lasting for 21+ days with a brilliant shine and is ideal for both daily life and parties.

With a low odor and healthy ingredients, this Reflective Gel Nail Polish Kit is suitable for any holiday or special event. This includes birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Halloween gifts. With these color gels, you can easily finish solid nail designs.

What is the best way to use our gel?

After cleaning the nails and clipping the nail surface, shake the gel polish thoroughly to make it color-balanced. Then use a base gel to extend the longevity of the gel polish, and set it with a UV lamp or LED lamp. (Necessary), place a layer of color UV gel directly, cure with a UV lamp for 2 minutes or cure with an LED lamp for 60 seconds, then add an eggshell gel layer and cure. Then apply the second layer of eggshell gel and cure. The reinforcing gel should be applied and cured before a matte top coat should be applied (or a top coat can be used).