Curtain String Light Garland style

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Make your home a desirable place to live by adding light!

Adding Fairy Lights to a curtain string garland creates a magical glow. High-quality micro LED bulbs provide ambient illumination, enhancing your lighting experience. You can bend and fold the copper wire of the lamp arbitrarily. Their power consumption is up to 70% lower than other light sources, making them a viable alternative to incandescent bulbs.

Designed from thin, silver wires, these fairy garland lights can be effortlessly bent and shaped however you wish, minimizing burning risks. They remain cool to the touch, minimizing burn risks. The perfect decor for weddings, Christmas, room decor, holidays, events, parties, and more.


  • The accessory options are: without hooks or with 10 hooks.
  • Height: 3m (9.8ft) with 300 LEDs Width: 3m (9.8ft).
  • Height: 2m (6.5ft) with 200 LEDs Width: 2m (6.5ft).
  • Height: 1m (3.2ft) with 100 LEDs Width: 3m (9.8ft).
  • The USB power supply needs to be 5 volts.