Facial Lifting Massager Double Chin V Shape Lift Belt

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Bring perfect beauty to your face!! 

Our Facial Lifting Massager Double Chin V Shape Lift Belt Makes face skin enjoy a different SPA massage. Suitable for masseter muscle hypertrophy, fat accumulation, frontal muscle enlargement, muscle relaxation, and spot skin.

  • It has Adjustable gear and wireless remote control operation. Improve face muscle fiber elasticity, activate collagen activity, and tighten skin.
  • It tenders skin and activates the muscle bottom, red light at 625nm, promotes blood circulation; 470nm blue light stimulates collagen; Red and blue light combine to lift and tighten the skin.
  • With blue the skin is Cleaning and tender skin, protecting skin, strengthening skin absorption, repairing, and balancing skin oil, whitening and lightening spots, tender skin, eliminating wrinkles, and shrinking pores.
  • With Red light Skin repair, improve the activity of skin cells, promote metabolism, promote blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, anti‑aging, and anti‑oxidation.
  • Small and lovely, can fold storage, easy to carry.
  • Wireless operation is free and convenient, and skin care can be carried out anytime and anywhere. Suitable for firming outline, V-face modeling, low-frequency magnetic therapy, swelling elimination, and photon rejuvenation.



Working Principle: LED, RF,EMS, Vibration Massage
Size: 16*13*5cm