Anti-Cellulite Massager 4 IN 1 Infrared Electric 3D Roller Device

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Have a long day! Time to relax.

A combination of circular massage, pneumatic pressure, and infrared radiation in the Body sense is extremely beneficial for cellulitis and muscle relaxation. With ergonomic engagement, it is easier for the skin to be treated uniformly throughout the body.

There are four interchangeable heads in the Body sense. These are designed for varying treatment areas and problems, with the intensity adjusted to achieve optimal results based on the treatment area and problem. Infrared radiation enhances the effectiveness of the apparatus, which removes excess fat and toxins by creating a thermo-active effect.
  • 25W power consumption
  • This product is made of ABS
  • It measures 13*14cm/5.12*5.51in
  • The weight of the item is 770 grams